Calgary’s Trusted Corporate & Entrepreneurial Tax Accountants

Managing your company’s taxes isn’t the most exciting part of being an entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be the most difficult either. With extensive experience and time-tested methods, the CPAs at Cook & Co. will make your corporate taxes as approachable and effective as ever.

Dependable Tax Planning & Preparation

Our chartered professional accountants pride themselves in being among the most thorough and dependable in the business. Whether you need to restructure your operations for greater tax efficiency or prepare corporate tax returns and ruling requests, our work encompasses all of the most important tax planning and preparation services that your company will need. By maintaining a keen eye for the details, remaining consistently informed and updated on current and future tax policy, and using a fully modernized toolset, we strive to be the kind of corporate accounting firm that any entrepreneur can rely on for the best possible service and results.

More Growth, Less Liability

Contending with a high tax burden can put your business in a bind, place more distance between you and your entrepreneurial goals, and overwhelm you in the process. When you’re equipped with robust tax planning solutions that effectively minimize liability, you can provide your company with just the legroom it needs to optimize its growth. With a detailed understanding of countless business types and industries, the corporate CPAs at Cook & Company can help you implement the most appropriate and up-to-date advantages and planning opportunities available. It will always be our top priority to empower your business.

A Client-Driven Approach

Through decades of combined experience in corporate tax planning and preparation, we’ve learned that being good with the numbers simply isn’t enough. Truly outstanding corporate tax planning services are built on total dedication to the client, and that’s exactly what we promise to offer you. Our CPAs are here to understand your enterprise in all of the ways that matter, from your business philosophies to your goals, current taxation challenges or dilemmas, and beyond. With this client-driven approach, we’re committed to giving your business the undivided attention it needs to formulate clear and effective tax solutions both today and well into the future.

As one of Calgary’s finest teams of chartered professional accountants, Cook & Company is dedicated to working closely with local entrepreneurs as well as those throughout Canada and the U.S. Call us at (403) 398-2486 to find a corporate tax solution that’s right for your company.