Audits, review engagements, and special purpose engagements may seem intimidating, but they’re a normal part of today’s economic world that all entrepreneurs must anticipate. Our accountant will strive to make these consultations smooth, efficient, and successful. At Cook & Company, we offer audit and other assurance services that will meet your business needs and provide a true and fair representation of your company’s financial position. 

  • Audit: An audit is the systematic examination of the books, accounts and documents of your company to determine a true and fair view of your organization. It  provides the highest level of assurance and will ascertain whether records are accurate and meet current accounting standards/principles.The auditing solutions provided at Cook & Company are comprehensive, detailed, and easy to follow. When your business needs close examination of internal control, financial statements and other key factors that determine success, our eye for detail and our unbiased reports are extremely effective.

  • Review engagements:  A review engagement will ascertain whether or not your company’s financial statements are reasonable or plausible and requires a skilled accountant to perform the appropriate procedures (discussion with members of management and analysis of financial information) in order to reach a conclusion. It is less intensive in scope than an audit but still provides a valuable level of assurance that you may require your financial statements conform with the financial reporting framework.

  • Special purpose engagements are undertaken when your company requires a report on specific financial information, specified procedures or other specific purposes required by certain users. At Cook and Company, each special purpose engagement is designed to fit the client’s needs in an effective and efficient manner.

At Cook & Company, we have the experience, commitment and principles that your business deserves. Our team of accounting specialists are highly skilled and appreciate the intensive one-on-one workflow that an audit, review engagement, and/or special engagement demands. Our auditing and assurance services are designed to provide a direct and individualized experience that is shaped by you and your business. 

When you choose Cook & Company, we ensure that your time and attention is devoted to running your business. We’ll know that we’ve done our job when the challenging task of an audit becomes a manageable and even rewarding process for you and your company. Let us put your mind at ease!