When the time comes for an external audit or review engagement, it’s not always easy to find CPAs who have the experience, trustworthiness, and approach that your business deserves. At Cook & Company, we offer audit and assurance services that will meet every one of your needs.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

It’s quite common for business owners to feel uneasy about placing their company finances under scrutiny. Audits and review engagements may seem intimidating, but they’re a normal part of today’s economic world that all entrepreneurs should anticipate. Your company may require an audit or review engagement for any number of reasons, but whatever it may be, our chartered accountants will strive to make this endeavour as approachable, efficient, and successful as possible. When you choose Cook & Company, you won’t have to worry about compromising the time and attention you devote to running your business.

Complete Auditing Solutions

Each one of our CPAs has spent years developing a diverse set of expertise and forming a deep sense of respect for the business owners we work with. This means that the auditing solutions we provide are at once comprehensive, detailed, and easy to follow. When your business needs closer examination of internal control, financial statements, and other key factors that determine assurance, an eye for detail is essential. This holds considerable implications for any company, so when financial integrity hangs in the balance, you’ll need nothing less than an approach that inspires your trust and establishes total peace of mind.

For You and Your Business

Our team is made up of accounting specialists who have honed their skills working for some of the most respected accounting firms in the world. We also appreciate the intensive one-on-one workflow that an audit or review engagement demands. As a result, our auditing and assurance services are designed to condense the capabilities of a large firm into a direct and individualized experience that is shaped by you and your business, something that few accounting firms can offer. We’ll know that we’ve done our job when the challenging task of an audit becomes a manageable and even rewarding process for you and your company.

Cook & Company is proud to provide only the finest accounting services to businesses in Calgary and throughout Canada and the United States. Our expertise is far-ranging and always tailored to the unique requirements of your company, so email us today for a free consultation!