GST & HST Compliance

For countless types of businesses, sales tax is a common reality. Still, complying with GST and HST policy demands careful attention and due diligence, especially for larger enterprises. Our tax professionals can make compliance easier than ever.

We Know GST & HST

If you provide products or services that are taxable under Canadian sales tax law, it is critical that you collect the right amounts on your transactions and remit them to the CRA properly. The ongoing process of ensuring your own GST or HST compliance can be fairly complicated depending on the size of your company, whether you do business across provincial or international borders, and other factors. The Calgary-based CPAs here at Cook & Company have a comprehensive understanding of GST and HST law, filing procedures, strategies, and more. With our expertise, you’ll be better equipped to maximize the value of your business.

Keeping You Up-To-Date

As with any form of taxation, GST and HST are defined by tax policy that is subject to new developments all the time. Simultaneously, the myriad circumstances that shape your industry and your business are always nuanced and dynamic. When it comes to GST and HST compliance, we will never fail to keep you as up-to-date as possible on your rights, responsibilities, and available planning opportunities. Whether it’s securing certain rebates, exemptions, and benefits or avoiding costly pitfalls and penalties, our chartered accountants will see to it that you’re fully informed and empowered with the right knowledge at the right time.

Personalized Compliance Solutions

Our experience in all forms of corporate tax planning and accounting has taught us that the finest solutions are designed according to a company’s precise needs and characteristics. This is a guiding principle behind every facet of our practice as accountants, and sales tax compliance is no exception. Navigating the nuances of GST and HST demands careful examination of the details and personalized solutions. We’ll never provide anything less. It will be our first priority to gain a deeper understanding of your business so that we can serve you to fullest of our ability. When we’re by your side, you’ll not only remain in compliance, you’ll thrive.

Every hard-working entrepreneur needs corporate tax specialists who can always be relied upon. Our team of experts are here to help you remain in compliance, minimize your tax burden, and operate a financially robust business, so call us at (403) 398-2486 for a free consultation!