Calgary’s Business & Entrepreneurial Accounting Experts

Efficient accounting practices are the heartbeat of your company. However, as fundamental as it is to maximize the financial health of a business, it’s often easier said than done. When left to your own devices, it only becomes more challenging. We’re here to make it easier than ever.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

Our corporate CPAs not only specialize in entrepreneurial accounting, they’ve developed an array of expertise that is as detailed as it is diverse. Having worked closely with a wide range of businesses types and sizes across multiple industries, we can offer you comprehensive financial management solutions that are shaped directly by your industry. Whether it’s preparation of essential accounting paperwork, financial planning advice, or in-depth data analysis, corporate accounting places many demands on business owners like you. We will provide everything you need to ensure long-term stability, efficiency, and prosperity for your company.

Decades of Experience

When you work with our corporate accountants to elevate the financial strength of your business, you have access to over 20 years of experience. This has given us more than just technical savvy and a knack for numbers. It’s allowed us to fine-tune a set of principles that make for better decision-making, sharper strategy, and a far better overall experience for you. In addition to drawing from our extensive history, we’re firmly grounded in today’s accounting landscape. Our accountants are always as informed as possible on the latest developments in federal and provincial tax policy affecting business owners of all kinds.  

Tailored to Your Needs

Every enterprise has distinct accounting requirements depending on their size, structure, industry, and the countless circumstances that affect their finances. It’s only right that you have the help of chartered entrepreneurial accountants who take the time to truly understand the heart of your company. Our experience working with some of the largest accounting firms in the world has taught us that not everyone can offer this, but we’re proud to say that we can. The solutions we provide will always be delivered with honesty, integrity, and a personal touch. You won’t find the same level of dedication, dependability, or versatility anywhere else.

The team at Cook & Company is ready to dedicate themselves to the financial strength and success of your business. From corporate accounting to tax preparation and auditing, we offer a full range of services. Give us a call today at (403) 398-2486 for a complimentary consultation.