Planning Ahead When Selling Your Business

With past economic downturns reminding us to always be careful and alert, Calgary business owners may be wondering what they have to do make their business an attractive prospect for buyers once they are ready to move on. Business in Calgary interviewed our very own Jeff Cook on this topic, drawing from his experience and insights.

“If we had paid a bit more attention four or five years ago, we might have avoided that from happening,” Cook says. “Entrepreneurs need to be aware that it takes years of planning to maximize the value of their business. It’s not a quick process, and it’ll need constant improvement, constant maximization and maintaining of value, and constant years of preparation.”

Preparing to sell a business requires plenty of forethought and understanding of what you want your role in the business to be moving forward, how you are planning to access capital, and much more. Read more about this topic in the November issue of Business in Calgary.