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How to Minimize the Tax Burden on Your Business Estate

The most common type of audit undertaken by the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) for small and medium sized businesses is the GST/HST audit. Failure to file, late filing and failure to accurately report GST/HST information can result in a penalty. Interest of 6% (compounded daily and levied quarterly) is charged for late payment, insufficient payment and any outstanding balance of GST/HST. It’s important that you, as a business owner, know your responsibilities regarding remittance of these taxes.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a federal tax added to commercial sales. It’s levied on supplies of goods and services purchased in Canada. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a combination of Provincial Sales Tax and GST. All businesses engaged in commercial activity in Canada are required to collect GST or HST on their taxable sales and remit this to the CRA. The only exemption is for small businesses that have taxable sales of less than $30,000 in the last four quarters (

Input Tax Credits (ITCs) can be claimed by a business to recover the GST/HST paid for property or services acquired in the course of their commercial activities. You can claim ITC credits for rent, advertising expenses, equipment rentals, office expenses, accounting fees, motor vehicle expenses, travel, and some capital expenses such as property, machinery, vehicles, furniture and appliances ( Goods and services purchased for personal use or enjoyment do not qualify as Input Tax Credits.

The GST/HST requirements are complex. The rules governing what is taxable, what is not, what is exempt and for which benefits you can claim an ITC are involved and intricate. It is easy to make a mistake in calculation and filing of your GST/HST. Use the services of a CPA to ensure that you meet your GST/HST obligations and remain in good standing with the CRA. Chartered Professional Accountants have the knowledge, skill and expertise to help you file your claim correctly and in a timely manner.

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