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Is It Time for Your Business to Work with an Accountant?

Many business owners have a good grasp on managing the finances of their company. That being said, there are countless reasons why you will need the help of a CPA specializing in accounting and tax planning for businesses. Let’s take a quick look at a few key examples.

Business Structure & Planning

There’s no aspect of a company’s structure that does not in some way require tax planning and accounting strategy. Even if you’ve been operating your company for many years, it’s wise to seek advice from a CPA on a routine basis. However, it’s especially important when undergoing significant developments. Are you in the early stages of founding your company or a subsidiary? Do you need to prepare detailed reports for investors? Are you changing legal status, such as from a partnership to a corporation? Speaking with a CPA specializing in entrepreneurial accounting and tax planning is essential to keeping your operations in good order.

Tax Law Changes

A major part of any CPA’s job is to be as informed as possible as to ongoing developments in tax policy. When you build a strong relationship with a business tax accountant, they will be able to optimize your tax planning strategies accordingly. Just like any type of legislation, tax law is subject to change, and the last thing that any business owner wants is to be left out of the loop. This can lead to missed opportunities for tax savings, issues with compliance, and other unpleasant consequences. The Department of Finance’s recent tax law changes pertaining to entrepreneurs, which we’ve discussed here and here, are perfect examples.

Audits & Compliance

The advent of an audit can create stress for any business owner, and the same can be said for potential mistakes in GST and HST compliance. When it comes to audits, it’s important to remember that companies are selected based on a complex set of factors. While it’s not possible to usefully predict the likelihood that you will be audited, you can plan for it and navigate it most effectively by working closely with an experienced business accountant. They can also help you to ensure that you are aboveboard when it comes to GST and HST compliance. This is your best bet for avoiding penalties and fines.

Cook & Company is Calgary’s finest team of corporate and entrepreneurial tax accountants. If you’re a hard-working business owner hoping to minimize the strain of tax expenses on your company, we can help. Contact us at [email protected] or 403.398.2486 to schedule a free consultation today.

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