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Making Business Taxes Work for You

Keeping business taxes in order while maximizing the viability of your company is one of the most important challenges of the business world. As you know, a key part of maintaining this balance is simply knowing what deductions to take advantage of. Here are a few to think about.

Capital Cost Allowance

If your business acquires and uses a piece of property, the CRA may allow you to claim a capital cost allowance and recalculate your taxable income. This can help you contend with the expenses involved in maintaining that property, including legal, accounting, and maintenance fees. It may be furniture, buildings, equipment, or other eligible items, often known as depreciable capital assets. How it’s calculated depends on the type of property and several other factors. It’s important to note that deductions are calculated annually in the long term. You cannot claim the deduction all at once for the tax year in which the property was purchased.

SR&ED Tax Incentives

Through the SR&ED Tax Incentive Program, corporations have access to federal and provincial tax benefits that are designed to encourage scientific research and experimental development in Canada. These incentives allows a corporation to claim both tax deductions based on expenditures on SR&ED and investment tax credits, which can reduce the amount of Part I taxes owed. In order to qualify, the corporation must fall under various categories of basic scientific research, applied research, experimental development, and other types of work as designated by the program. Be aware that certain provincial considerations may apply.

Employee Gifts

Employers can claim tax deductions on certain gifts given to employees. Not only this, but the eligible gift will not be considered taxable income for the recipient. It must, of course, fall under the CRA’s criteria to qualify. For instance, the value of the gift must not exceed $500 in fair market value, although there is no limit to the number of qualifying deductible gifts that the employee can receive per year. Be aware that cash bonuses, performance-related awards, or anything easily converted into cash are not deductible. Gifted stocks are also not deductible, but within a corporation these will only be taxed when they are sold.

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