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What Advantages Does a Chartered Professional Accountant Offer?

Every business owner wants to fortify the financial integrity of their enterprise, but not all of them take the necessary measures to make it happen. Company growth and longevity are always intertwined with skillful accounting, but what specific advantages can an external CPA provide?

Greater Efficiency

One of the foremost advantages of working with a CPA for your corporate taxes and accounting is increased efficiency, both with regards to time and cost. Your need for a CPA will fluctuate and change in nature throughout the fiscal year. Working with an external firm therefore carries the benefit of producing excellent results in a timely manner without the need for investing in the salary, office resources, and benefits required for a full-time internal corporate accountant.

Specialized Expertise

As long as you’ve chosen the right firm, external corporate CPAs typically bring a range and depth of experience to your company tax planning and accounting that is quite difficult to beat. In the best cases, this experience amounts to a highly specialized skill set and a greater degree of fluency in corporate finances, tax law, and tax planning in the context of multiple industries and enterprise types. The power of this versatility can be considerable for any business owner.


When it comes to corporate accounting and taxes, depending too heavily on an internal perspective can introduce a number of issues. Errors can potentially be glossed over and the company finances won’t be able to benefit from a second opinion. This is an important yet often underestimated advantage of bringing an external CPA into the mix. It makes for a collaborative process that may reveal certain solutions and strategies that haven’t already been considered.

Peace of Mind

If there’s one advantage that encompasses all others, it’s knowing that you’ve taken the right measures to secure the prosperity of your business. Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or a sizable corporation with multiple subsidiaries, one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is a desire for long-term financial strength and tax-efficiency. With the support and services of a respected CPA, you’ll have this and the enduring peace of mind that comes with it.

When you experience the quality of service and level of expertise offered by our CPAs, you’ll see why Cook & Company has become one of the most esteemed business accounting firms in Canada. To ensure prosperity for your company, call (403) 398-2486 and we’ll be by your side.

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