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What Do You Need for a Successful Audit?

Business accounting and tax planning can be challenging, and if you’re selected for an audit by the CRA, it may seem as though things are only going to get more difficult. However, auditing is a fairly misunderstood process, so there are a few things to know if you want it to go smoothly.

Don’t Panic

First things first: Audits are not cause for panic in and of themselves. You may be inclined to think that the way you’ve prepared your business taxes has raised a red flag with the CRA, but this may or may not be true. Whether or not an audit is taking place to investigate a serious issue or discrepancy, the nature of this can vary widely and will result in different types of audits. Sometimes it’s because your business is showing financial activity that is atypical relative to other similar companies, and sometimes it’s simply random selection. A smart first step is therefore to find out and take note of why you’re being audited so that you can better prepare.

Be Organized and Prepared

Speaking of preparation, this is one of the most important pieces advice you can ever follow if you want an audit to go smoothly. Regardless of the nature of the audit, smart organization of your company’s financial records is everything. From bank statements to income records and balance sheets, it’s essential to have everything in good order. In fact, even when there isn’t an audit on the horizon, you should proactively keep records as thorough and well-systematized as possible. Anything pertaining to expenses and deductions is particularly important. This is the key to fully cooperating and being able to answer inquiries promptly, clearly, and accurately.

Get Help From a Professional

Running a company involves an often overwhelming amount of financial paperwork and records keeping, and preparing for an audit is liable to introduce extra stress into your day-to-day operations. This is why it can be a game-changer to seek out external help from a CPA who is experienced with business audit preparation and assurance. Not only should you work with a professional if there’s an impending audit, but also on a continuous basis in order to minimize the likelihood of an audit in the first place. There’s no better way to prepare than working with a great business accounting team to take all the right preventative measures.

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